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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Thanks Clare!

Clare Short is not an obvious friend of the union. Nor is she the first Labour MP who comes to mind when a DUP strategy needs advancing. Her XMG roots have long coloured her views on Northern Ireland, leading to a rose tinted view of the murderers dedicated to its' destruction. Yet, dear reader, it is she who has started the campaign to put the DUP at the heart of UK political life.

Ms Short is to abandon her seat to campaign for a hung parliament. Seemingly
She said she would campaign for a hung Parliament, where no party had overall control.

Labour should hold a third of the seats, the Tories a third and the rest should be made up of Greens and other parties, the 60-year-old claimed.

The Greens will not win any Westminster seats whilst "other parties" must include those already represented in the House of Commons. Given the politics of devolution in Scotland and Wales it is inconceivable that either the SNP or Plaid would come to the aid of a Brown-led Labour Party short of a majority. The LibDems would demand a fully blown coalition and PR for Westminster. The DUP with 10 (yes count them, 10) members could be bought of by measures which would not affect Labours' electability nor hamper its' social program.

Any wonder the November "deadline" isn't taken seriously?

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