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Monday, September 11, 2006


Madchester La, la, la

This jumped out from The Sunday Times. I was a student at Manchester between 1988 and 1991 which nicely coincided with baggy jeans, the Hacienda, The Stone Roses et al. Suffice to say Ballymena Academy it was not.

The news about world class research and the ability to attract Nobel Prize winners is all very well but I suspect that Manchesters' popularity lies more in the extra curricular activities the city offers. Jonathan Milne perhaps hit the nail on the head
Its students have a reputation for sex and drug-taking and the city has produced some of Britain’s best-known bands. Now the pull of Manchester has been recognised with its naming today as Sunday Times University of the Year
Apparently my alma mater has changed little since I said a tearful farewell back in the early '90's
Research quoted in the Sunday Times University Survival Guide, published in today’s Magazine, finds its students are the most fashion-conscious and that the city has the best reputation for overall student lifestyle (it also finds they are national leaders in sex and drug-taking, based on a 1999 survey by the Adam Smith Institute), while the city also has a lively gay scene.
Ah, my salad days!

Ah, you must have been in the year above me, I was there 1989 - 1992.
Vote Franco

Oak House in the first year then Egerton Road. Graduated in '91 but stayed on a year to pay of my overdraft.

Hulme Hall - first year, then

Driffield Street Moss Side which was remarkably uneventful, but I'd spent a fortune on insurance, certain I'd lose all my worldly goods.

Then I moved to Charles Street on the UMIST campus which was then brand new with en-suite. Standard now I'm sure, but the height of student luxury back then.
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