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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Harsh But Fair?

Samy Wilson has had a pop at Lembit Opik. Seemingly the Montgomeryshire MP proved himself an "utter fool" on Good Morning Ulster.

Maybe, but if his media agent (yes media agent) is to believed
Lembit is a seasoned regular on many television programmes including This Morning, Have I Got News for You, Newsnight, and the Wright Stuff on five. Lembit is also a popular choice for many corporate speaking engagements.

His interests include Astronomy (he has been actively promoting awareness of the threat to earth from asteroids and meteors), flying (particular interest in gliders), motorbikes, and has even turned his hand to stand up comedy. He speaks fluent Estonian and is learning Welsh.
I'll reserve comment on Lembits' foolishness or otherwise until I see his stand up routine.

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