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Friday, September 01, 2006


Hands of my cash!

I am self employed and as such pay my income tax bill in two chunks each year. This painful experience every January and July makes me begrudge every single pound taken by a profligate government. Two recent tax related stories therefore aroused my interest (to say nothing of my ire).

The Daily Telegraph is reporting the potential cost of electing a Green "Conservative" government to replace the current shower. Seemingly
Huge rises in taxes on motorists and air travel could be imposed by an incoming Conservative government
but this is ok as apparently
the Tories would create a 21st century transport system, possibly through building 360 mph "magnetic levitation" trainlines
George Osborne is keen because
"With a MagLev railway system in Britain, we would hardly need domestic flights"
Unless you live in, say, Northern Ireland. Perhaps the Tories are going to build a tunnel to Scotland.

The second piece concerns the blackmail over domestic rating currently being committed by the NIO. The BBC are reporting the opposition by NIO finance minister David Hanson to capping the bills of rate payers as happens everywhere else in the United Kingdom. The minister is
opposed to a cap in principle
The minister, like his organ grinder, represents a Welsh constituency. His local authority is the Labour controlled Flintshire County Council led by one Derek Darlington. I have e-mailed Mr Darlington to express concern at his MPs' views on local government funding. I would suggest others do the same.

MagLev is very dear though and is most effective in places like Japan where there is great density of population in specific areas (coastline)

But its extremely clean and efficient. Seeing as our own rail service has just surpassed that of Albania in recent times, perhaps it'll be a bit of a wait to get it here.

Lets face it, if you get to hang on to your cash what will you spend it on? Green beans specially flown in from Africa? Canadian strawberries? It cant go on...

if I get to hang on to my cash I'll be the one deciding on where it goes not some plitico pandering to the politics of envy.

On the other hand, I could give up making my own and rely on the state giving me yours.
I have a strong understanding of MagLev having written a rather detailed technical paper on it for university.

There was a maglev in the UK that is now closed. Although it really was more of a test system. The initial investment required is large but it seems not really much more so than new conventional rails routes or airport infrastructure.

MagLev or some future development of it will probably (possibly?) be introduced either for Metro style systems around the major urban areas and perhaps a couple of major lines up and down the country e.g. London to Edinburgh.

The main thing is the UK isn't that big and existing rail lines would have to be torn up to preserve space (MagLev doesn't work on traditional rails) whereas in a country with loads of space e.g. the US, the old rail infrastructure could just be left to rot or just used for freight.
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