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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Hain Watch#2

"I would like to see it done on my watch"- Peter Hain on "Hearts & Minds" in response to questioning about a November deal.

"I would like a deal to help my campaign to be Deputy PM"- what Peter Hain was thinking on "Hearts & Minds" when questioned about a November deal.

This man is ghastly. Blotting his CV and blighting his advancement is reason enough to stymie his bogus timetable. Nevermind the bigger issues of potential ministers refusing to endorse policing whilst their organisation still dabbles in criminality and the anti-democratic and sectarian assembly structures. So his final televised "threat" that the in the week after 24th November he will introduce legislation disolving that assembly is a matter for celebration not quaking.

Pity we have to wait 'till then.

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