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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Europe Wins

Today I understood the limits of my pan-European identity. After the Ryder Cup victory I realised that the UK can live with a Golfing Europe as opposed to a Federal Europe.

Keep your Euro, your pretend diplomatic service, your constitution and your stately ambitions all I want is a Europe of stroke play golfers. Hell, if the Turks can play let them join in!

I just want to know can we opt out of everything except the slacks and tank tops?

Funny, watching it I commented to my brother that I'd be more enthusiastic if it was a UK team playing, it's just hard to get excited about a European team.

Aside from Darren Clarke, when the European team plays the States, I don't so much want to see Europe win as see the USA lose (not that that's not a powerful motivator right there).
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