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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Blog shall speak peace unto Blog

My licence fee reminder arrived yesterday. Just as my resentment began to fester the BBC posted this about NI political blogging. All the usual suspects were there including yours truely:
the DUP's blog presence is largely limited with the "We Perish If We Yield" blog espousing the party's views
Do I espouse?

Espouse is the ultimate BBC insult - ironic isn't it?
As someone who allegedly provides a pro DUP web presense, perhaps you would like to give a spirited and convincing argument defending the fair deal that is the St Andrews Agreement?

perhaps not
No surprize you stopped blogging in November 2006.

Typical Ex Anti Agreement Young Unionist.

Gets a job with the DUP in OFMDFM.


You and Weirdo should get married.
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