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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Republican bomb attack

The BBC are reporting a failed bomb attack on property belonging to Lord Ballyedmond.
"[Irish]Army bomb experts were called to Lord Ballyedmond's property at Drumgooley [in the Republic], and the device was made safe.

Gardai said it contained 70 pounds of homemade explosive mix packed into a gas cylinder and would have destroyed the house if it had gone off.

Security sources said dissident republicans were behind the attack"
Firstly, all right thinking people must condemn the attack on this industrialist and legislator. Secondly those responsible must be brought to book before any more mayhem is caused. Is there any doubt that the recent bombings in Newry are linked to this nearby incident?

Finally, and most pertinently, just how dissident can a Republican "Active Service Unit" be when operating in the Provo badlands of North Louth/ South Armagh/ Newry? I await a Sinn Fein response - as of 1107 their newsroom remains silent on the issue.

The dissidents do seem to be stirring. Ironically, yesterday was the anniversary of the even that should have sent these people into a black hole forever. Only now do they think they can wake and try the same sh*t again. Irredeemable bastards.
Yes indeed, but will there be calls in thirty years time to include their "political wing" in a coalition government?
Votes, however cast, do count.
But if you want votes, you have to have a political strategy. These people don't have any such thing, even if they have the tactic once used by those who have a strategy.

In a crucial sense, they have missed the point and dont realise that what they want, no-one else does.

Meantime a political generation in SF emerges with no violent connections. They will take no excuses.
"a political generation in SF emerges with no violent connections"- apart from the organisation they have chosen to join.
Of course it's no coincidence that because SF's demands that Police and army activity be curtailed (so that there was less chance of their thugs being caught) including dropping their informants were met, the level of activity from Republican terrorists is now rising steadily ....
In response to your second point, PK, dissidents are focussed on certain areas.

Unsurprisingly, as many of these are disaffected Provos, the area you mention is one. Given that the original organisation could operate in hostile territory and indeed caused mayhem in such places as Portadown, Bangor, Banbridge Lisburn and with the most horrific consequences, even in the Shankill itself, it shouldn't be taken, as you imply, that there is Provo permission to operate there anymore than the Army and PSNI permitted the IRA to operate in the other places I mention. Unless, of course, that what some people want to believe. What poeple want to belive tends to be immune from logic and often indeed, reality.

(PS: How would I do in a Court then, dso you think? ;))
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