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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Not a freebie, honest!

I don't like the Labour Party.
I don't like the chippiness of Old Labour.
I don't like the hubris of New Labour.
I am, however, extremely fond of Manchester which causes me something of a dilemma. This autumn the comrades are conferencing in that city and are offering a blogger
the opportunity to blog from within G-Mex. I am prepared to endure the Party in order to enjoy the city. All I have to do is to provide 100 words on why pakman should be the conference blogger. Or rather, dear reader, you do. So if you want "We Perish..." to come from the Labour Conference complete the following:

"pakman should be the conference blogger because ..."

Thanks in advance!

..cheeky b*gger! ;) would be funny as heck to see a prod in a mainland Labour movement conference in the same way it would be funny to see a soca band in the monday club" would be better to have you inside the tent pontificating out, than outside pontificating in!


....if they can win you 'round they've cracked it!
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