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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well, Sir Reg?

In 1994 the UVF attacked a pub in the County Down village of Loughinisland with assault rifles. Six customers were murdered and five injured. The horror of the scene is almost unimaginable (and I have seen more than my fair share of SOCO albums). Now the families have broken their silence to demand answers as to why this mass murder has gone unpunished.

The issue of unsolved murders in Northern Ireland is deserving of a proper post of its' own.

However, the Loughinisland attrocity was carried out by an organisation now formally linked to the Ulster Unionist Party. I think the families have a right to know what Sir Reg has done to try and obtain the information they crave from his new best buddy, David Ervine MLA. A public demand from the UUP leadership for their PUP allies to assist the police investigation is the very least they could do.

I couldn't advise readers to hold their breath.

I don't know much about this atrocity but I wish the families well in their quest.

As for Reg, as you say the very least and it would not be nearly enough
I agree.
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