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Friday, June 02, 2006


Thanks Auntie

To day is Coronation Day (check your nearest public building is properly dressed).

This is not a post about monarchy and its benefits but one to alert readers to the fact that, courtesy of the BBC, one can watch the original 1953 television coverage. Given the weight of social history that surrounds the broadcast, let alone the event, this is a fantastic resource. How many of our grandparents' first television experiences were on 2nd June 1953?

My neighbours aren't gathering around my lap-top to watch but if you have a spare moment today launch the clip and try and imagine how a battered and drained nation felt as ancient custom heralded a brave new world.

I think I'll go and pay my licence fee now.

I remember my father telling me about he and his neighbours going into the one house in the area that had TV to watch this, all those years ago.

It was the house of a Catholic priest. Different times, indeed, pakman. :)
There's something very High Church about the actual ceremony - do any dissenters out there wish to comment?
I notice in the Flag Regs that the EU flag can/must be flown from a second flagpole on EU day.

I was unaware of this and nearly crashed my car into Carson's statue a few weeks ago when I spotted the European abomination flying beside the Union Jack.


PS Today's blue skies, warm weather and slight breeze made Stormont's flagflying even more satisfying than usual.

Not wishing in any way to hasten the event, because of what that would bave to mean, I wonder what the next coronation will be like, presuming it will be Charles III.(and if it is Charles I hope he keeps his name - this Windsor lot have been playing fast and loose with tradition that way for far too long. We are in danger of having ALL our ruddy kings in the future called George)
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