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Tuesday, June 13, 2006



Sometimes, through the actions of a small number of our citizens, Northern Ireland is disgraced. Take this report on a racist attack on a visiting Indian youth cricket team. I just wonder if the sportswear clad scum who have dragged our provinces' good name into the gutter had any idea that other Indians were in the process of creating 1,000 jobs for their city? I suspect not, after all a job would only get in the way of the Buckfast consumption.

I just want to say sorry to these visitors. I hope they enjoyed City Hall and the cricket at Stormont. Most of all I just want to say please don't judge 1.6 million of us by the actions of 16 morons.

Swift police action is necessary to redeem the situation. That can only happen if information is forthcoming from within the community from whence the attackers came. How this develops will be a test for the good people of Belfast. I dearly hope that we are not found wanting.

Well said Pakman. Unfortunately I don't have the faith I wish I did that prosecutions will result.

I totally and absolutly agree
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