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Friday, June 16, 2006



I see that UUP MLA Robert Coulter has called for tougher sentences on those that attack public servants. So far so good.

He goes on to say:
that he had planned to introduce a new Private Members' Bill in the Stormont Assembly but the restricted working of the so-called Hain Assembly was preventing him introducing a Bill

This is where I begin despair. Even if the Assembly and Executive were up and running, even if the full range of powers it enjoyed pre suspension were restored the good reverend could NOT introduce such a Bill because criminal justice matters are currently (thankfully) reserved to parliament at Westminster.

I am not criticising Robert Coulters' good intentions, I just don't understand why he is promising to do something which he will never have the power to do. Could it be that he thinks he could be able to legislate on this matter? Has he not read the Northern Ireland Act? Did nobody in Cunningham House check the statement? Will he be calling for a tax hike next or declaring war? Is this an example of inflated self importance or ignorance?

Enough already, I see an opportunity.

I am available for remedial classes on devolution if and when suspension is lifted. Reasonable hourly rates, discount for block bookings.

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