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Friday, June 02, 2006


Confound Their Politics

Godfather-in-Chief, Gerry Adams has been sounding off this afternoon. In response to suggestions that his Chief Negotiator and former Londonderry Provo 2-i-c, Martin McGuinness, was actually a long time British agent Adams said
"I think the sub-text of all of this is that there is a possibility elements in there want to see Martin McGuinness dead,"

"That's what I take out of this - it is a very serious situation.

"I think it is emanating from the old guard within the old RUC perhaps some still active within the PSNI, all the dirty tricks, within British military intelligence."

Hang on though, I thought the guilty men in the McGuinness-as-Bond story were the DUP. Acording to Martin
"elements of the DUP were behind the claims"

Either Gerry and Martin aren't talking or their handlers are sowing a little Friday afternoon mischief. Over a pint. In the sun. I'm off ...

The shinners are floundering.
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