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Friday, May 05, 2006


West Lothian Question centre stage after a bad night in Barking

So Charles Clarke has been pushed after failing to jump in response to the non-deportation scandal. His replacement at the Home Office "the government department responsible for internal affairs in England and Wales" by stage Scotsman John Reid will raise eyebrows. Given the evidence of English resentment displayed in Barking and elsewhere last night am I the only one to agree with the now former Home Secretary when he states he did not agree with the prime minister's judgement .

With Blair now clearly on the way out and Brown the heir apparant in the not too distant future both PM and Home Secretary will (initially at least) be MPs representing Scottish seats. How will that happy coincidence go down with English electors in the subsequent General Election? Will asymetric constitutional change (ie dangerous tinkering) come back to haunt NuLabour?

RUMOUR - Five Live are questioning Hains' future in NI. I fear he will stay but let's see.

"Five Live are questioning Hains' future in NI."

We can but live in hope. I won't hold my breath though; I fear Pete 'Troops Out' Hain is here to stay.
You're right. At least Angela Smith has packed her bags.
Good stuff. A pity it's a year too late for someone with half a brain in their head to step in and dispel this silly idea of a stadium at the Maze / Long Kesh / Ballygobackward.
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