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Friday, May 19, 2006


Trimble Under Threat

For a former leader of a formerly great party David Trimble is no shrinking violet. First we had the "Out in the Cold" aired last month (and blogged extensively), then there was his backbench speech at Stormont on Tuesday and now this.

All politicians make mistakes and enemies. That is the nature of the business and perhaps it is only the magnitude of the mistakes that distinguishes one politico from another. For public life in a democracy to thrive those mistakes must be expected and then judged by the electorate. Targeting of politicians by sleaze hunting tabloids, baying mobs or sinister websites can only dissuade potential politicians from entering public life. Then who suffers?

As for Mr Trimble, I trust the necessary action is taken in respect of this latest attempt at intimidation. I also wonder if he is really ready to retire from politics. Al Gore is at "step nine" of his recovering politician programme. I wonder if David Trimble has even started to travel that route. If not should Sir Reg be worried?

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