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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Sinn Fein/ Hamas love-fest at Strasbourg

The loathsome nature of the Irish republican movement can be judged by the company it keeps. During the Second World War it got into bed with Nazi Germany, to fund its' latest campaign they alligned themselves with Gadafis' Libya and now through the good offices of Ms. de Bruin they are acting as fanboys for the psychopathic Hamas.

Apart from the anti-semitism which links these Sinn Fein/IRA allies there is at their core an attatchment to violence to advance political aims. What message does Sinn Fein send out by singing the praises of the bus bombers? Not one that builds confidence in this unionist blogger that they are a fit coalition partner in any potential NI executive.

anti semitism??????
you uneducated fool,, the palestinians are semitic to, read a book and realise the disgusting nature of your ancestors
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