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Friday, May 12, 2006



The first pro-Agreement party to actually disband is the Northern Ireland Womens' Coalition. I have fond memories of individual NIWC members from the Forum (where they secured two top-up seats) and negotiations but as a party they were even more firmly entrenched in the NIO pocket than Alliance.

As for their cross community credentials, whilst the elected membership may have come from both major traditions I always felt that the brains behind the operation were not well disposed to unionism. I recall being canvassed when I lived in South Belfast during the 1998 Assembly elections. When the WC candidate (and leader) saw who opened the door she told her team "don't bother, he's a unionist." This in a STV ballot.

As I said above on an individual basis I wish Jan Morice, Kate Fearon and Pearl Sagar well.

BTW any idea what Susan McKay means when she states that "the coalition ... is also credited with giving support and advice to other smaller parties, including the loyalist parties"
? Suggestions as to the nature and recipient of the support gratefully received.

"Suggestions as to the nature and recipient of the support gratefully received."

I'm assuming she just means that they worked together as small parties in the interests of... well, small parties.

AFAIK the NIWC also tried to keep the PUP/UDP on board thinking that appeasement of loyalist terrorist groups by giving them a political say would be as effective as it seemed to be the IRA.
Has this role of appeasing the UVF now been assumed by the UUP?
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