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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Jail Time For Murder - 30 Months

It seems that both loyalism and the failures of the Good Friday Agreement are to remain in the spotlight for some time to come. The early release of Finucan killer Ken Barret is a coming together of both themes.

During the referendum campaign of 1998 Tony Blair weighed in behind the "Yes" coalition and in a key intervention at the Balmoral Show stated:
the only prisoners whose cases can even be considered by the Independent Review Commission are those belonging to organisations which are observing a total and unequivocal ceasefire

Now I understand that Mr Barret murdered as a member of the UDA. The latest IMC report comments on that organisations' current activities at paragraphs 2.26 to 2.28. Highlights include:
members of the UDA were responsible for
the murder of Thomas Hollran on 18 February 2006
The UDAs' heavy involvement in crime, including drug dealing and blackmail, continues and in some parts of the organisation
criminality can be described as endemic.
that it remains an active threat to the rule of law.

How does this square with the pitch Blair made for the "Yes" campaign in 1998?

It doesn't.

Like so much of the process the line from spin into lie was crossed. Is it any wonder that an arrangement sold by deliberate misrepresentation now releases killers whose terrorist organisation remains active and fails to deliver stable devolved government?

It's all bollix.
None of them should be out of jail.
Not Magee, not Adair, not Kelly.

I remember Tank Commander trying to get a press release together in the early hours of Good Friday '98 attempting to show that early release in the context of 50% remission wasn't a big deal. Oh, and that the unionist government had done the same after the "Border Campaign" so no need to worry.

Moral fudging even back then.
i would like to point out that in the manchester guardian (that font of record) barretts release was treated as an example of the pain and injustice caused by the good friday agreement, that the monster who killed a brilliant young lawyer and a young father could be released with serving an decent punishment. unique, given their coverage of IRA men returning to loving families after their incarceration at belfast zoo. sorry . the maze.
very strange and beyond accidental misinterpratation or misunderstanding, a misconstrument on this scale is simply purposeful propaganda, and close indeed to the inconsistancies of The Party.
Wan, the vitriol does tend to interfere with your concentration.
I believe you may have lost the thread, just a little.
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