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Saturday, May 13, 2006


Forget Sinn Fein/ IRA, now its UUP/ UVF

The BBC is reporting that UVF linked PUP leader David Ervine MLA is to join the Ulster Unionist Assembly party. There have been a few occasions in the last ten years when the crass stupidity of the UUP has left me slack jawed in wonderment and this is another. It seems for political opportunity a formerly great party has thrown its' lot in with loyalist Sinn Fein wannabes. Has Sir Reg not understood the import of the last IMC report in respect of the UVF? Just to remind readers of paragraphs 2.30 and 2.31 of that report :

"2.30 The reduced level of activity on the part of the UVF following the end of the feud with the LVF to which we referred in our Eighth Report has remained apparent. But the organisation nevertheless continues to be responsible for a range of criminal
activities, including violence, and it continues to display behaviour indicating that it intends to remain in paramilitary business. The UVF undertook both shootings and assaults over the recent period. It continues to recruit new members throughout
Northern Ireland. We believe that the weapons, explosives and other paramilitary
equipment which the police seized from premises in Belfast in February belonged to
the UVF. Crime is prevalent throughout the organisation.

2.31 There has been some effort by elements of the UVF leadership to tackle criminality. As with the leadership of the UDA, we recognise that there are certain people who want to move away from criminality. We welcome this wherever it occurs but at this stage we do not see any significant impact on the behaviour of the organisation as a whole. Nor has there as yet been the positive move to stop targeting nationalists and ethnic minorities for which we called in our Eighth Report. We do not therefore change our overall assessment that the organisation is active, violent and ruthless, and the recent statement from a spokesman that it does not intend to do more before 24 November 2006 is not encouraging."

So the UUP are embracing a party linked to a terrorist organisation who at the time of the IMC report had been involved in shootings, assaults with criminality running through it like "Blackpool" through a stick of rock. It gets better - the UVF is involved in sectarian and racist targeting; it is "active, violent and ruthless".

Walking into Castle Buildings with these people in 1998 was appalling enough. Extending membership of the Assembly Party to their leader is quite another.

What the hell are the UUP playing at?

"Walking into Castle Buildings with these people in 1998 was appalling enough." That was the beginning of the end for me.

"Extending membership of the Assembly Party to their leader is quite another."

and this will be the end.
It seems that Reg has decided that his legacy is going to be that of managing to do things which even Trimble wouldn't do.

The man who will finally lead them to ultimate destruction.... and somehow I can't think of a better person to do it.
A desperate act by a desperate Party. The UUP/UVF are a disgrace to Unionism - political whores.
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