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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Cracks Appear

Sylvia has spoken. The last UUP Member of Parliament has told the House of Commons of her
distress at the linkage of the UUP to the UVF proxies in the PUP. Seemingly she was not consulted about the move and her "support" has been bought by the pathetic logic of Hume/ Adams:
"If Sir Reg is able to establish now a policy to bring about loyalist decommissioning and prevent any more murders, any more Lisa Dorrians in my constituency, then that would be worthwhile"

Of course Lisa Dorrian was murdered by the narco-terrorists of the LVF. If one were to follow this logic UUP membership should be extended to that choice bunch as well.

Pathetic nonsense from David Burnside on Good Evening Ulster this evening as well. Seemingly he supports this move as a tactical one to deprive Sinn Fein of a hypothetical executive post. According to this moral compass the UUP can use one group of terrorists to deprive another group of terrorists of power. So much for clean hands in local UUP politics.

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