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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Any lessons from Montenegro?

The final demise of Yugoslavia restores a pre-1914 feel to the map of Europe with tiny, exotic sounding states once more sovereign.

From an Ulster unionist point of view there are a number of points worthy of comment.

Firstly, the demise of Yugoslavia yet again shows the impossibility of artificial states accommodating competing nationalities. If the hope of Irish nationalism is a unified state on the island of Ireland with 49.9% of the voters of its six north-eastern counties rejecting that state and all its trappings how long before this Eire Nua goes the same way as Czechoslovakia et al? Of course, within the present boundaries of Northern Ireland there is a destabilising competing nationalism. If Montenegro can leave Yugoslavia why can't, say, South Armagh leave the UK? While we're at it lets blow the bridges over the Foyle and trim Fermanagh around the edges. As for Tyrone ...

Then we come to the question of legitimacy of the newly independent state. The EU demanded any pro independence vote would require a 55% majority before it was recognised. Any views on this from our Nationalist readers?

And finally, viability. The new state will have less that 700,000 citizens but size, it seems, is no longer any barrier to independence. The EU is now peppered by shire-sized nations from the Baltic via Central Europe to the Balkans. Do Irish Nationalists really think that should Northern Ireland ever be absorbed into an Irish republic Ulster unionists would be happy to be the only people in Europe without a state? Palestinians we ain't.

one could have said that the one in ten protestants that were residents of the irish free state could have been a destabalising factor in the formation of the new state. Ireland had unique methods of reducing that number.
the idea of "micro" states for all the native peoples of europe is exciting, but requires good neighbours and a mutual respect for respective civil societies and social structures. unlikly, i feel, for ireland.
the true path to nationhood lies not in the delagations of higher powers on the world stage, but (sadly) in guns money and babies.
Just how far are you envisaging trimming Fermanagh.

Is the Tempo Rd safe?
That all depends on A's fucundity!
I think we should reclaim our lost three counties and evict the present squatters!
Have you seen Donegall? Full of westie Provos. Let 'em keep oi.
I'm half Donegal, lets have it back!

A's doing quite well. She's having my share!
I'm half Donegal too. There is nothing of that experience that endears the place to me
It will be provo-free after the evictions!And think of the Fun we will have renaming all those towns etc.
Shall we have a proper old style clearance or just blight their spuds?
I sense you aren't taking this seriously pakman!
Let's have fun discussing bloody friday. No better still, has anyone seriously thought about a highland clearance type clearout of those who mistakenly claim to be British.

Oh what fun we could have, inclusive denigration of others sorrow.

Wise up, people are people, the way you guys so casually display your hatred, disguised as humour is sickening.
Tony, Tony, Tony...

lighten up, it's Friday.
Tony has obviously never read an felabite or the daily Provo ;)
"one could have said that the one in ten protestants that were residents of the irish free state could have been a destabalising factor in the formation of the new state. Ireland had unique methods of reducing that number."

Aye. Those Connemara concentration camps were great craic. Damn political correctness put paid to that bit of fun though...
Sorry Reggie, no mention of concentration camps from me !
your rabid victim mentality must be making you delearious...

the fact that the 3 counties (in which good UVF regiments were raised) were lost to us, is no ones fault but our own and our subserviance to englands pragmatisim.

They were never yours to lose.

Who do you think you are anyway, poco senor fauntelroy
"your rabid victim mentality must be making you delearious..."

Hmm. One would have thought you were the one with the, er, "rabid victim mentality" given your first comment on this thread.

I can safely say that I've never been "delearious" in my life! Es una palabra espanol porque no lo reconozco??
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