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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Another Lesson From Australia

John Howards' Australia just keeps on impressing. Given the UKs' experience of The Human Rights Act this piece from "The Australian" is illuminating.

The opinion piece is set against the background of the kidnap and rape of a fourteen year old girl. The 55 year old attacker was
sentenced at first instance to one month imprisonment. Seemingly sodomising a prepubescent is hunky-dory in the Northern Territory if you are an Aboriginal elder.

The fear in Australia is that the flawed thinking which allowed Chief Justice Martin to make such an appalling mistake is about to be entrenched in state versions of our Human Rights Act. The UK experience is causing concern. As well it might.

Albrectsen has hit the nail on the head:
"these bills, filled with the alluring language of rights, cement into the law a radical left-wing political agenda"

Distressingly for this blogger the British judicial experience of "a rights culture" is examined and condemned. I never thought I would read the British and Uzbeck legal systems lumped together with equal contempt in an op-ed from a nation that shares our common law traditions. But then, on issues from travellers to terrorists, our system has held itself up to quite proper ridicule.

Our constitution vandalised, our parliament impotent, our courts mocked. Nice legacy Tony.

the average sentence in the united kingdom for possesion of child porn is three months.
in the absense of a properly strict penal system, the right to bear arms must be surely essential.
anyone seen this:
Paul Campbell

thanks for the heads up.

Well worth a read.
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