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Sunday, May 14, 2006


Alliance Get it Right (At Last/ For Once - delete as applicable)

The Alliance Party collectively are anti Grammar School, NIO flunky QUNANGO jockeys but occasionally on an individual basis they hit the nail on the head. Sean Neeson is 100% right with this press release. I whole heartedly agree with him when he states :

"The creation of 10 departments was designed to facilitate an even sectarian carve-up, but it clearly has not worked. Boards, voluntary-sector bodies, businesses and individuals are all having to deal with a multitude of departments and agencies even to get the simplest task done"

If this commitment to small government continues IJP might even get a preference the next time he comes asking!

I would really like to be able to vote alliance, in fact in the last council elections I did, but I can't reconcile with their anti-grammar school stance at all - and their NIO lapdog role has sadly brought them into conflict with my view on the Slimfast Stadium at the Maze.
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