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Friday, May 19, 2006


About Last Night

An unusual post, a request for information.

Last night the UUP/UVFs' executive met in Cunningham House. Were any readers there? If so I await details with baited breath. Correspondents should focus on the following:

1- did Basil McCrea state the link-up with the PUP has cost the UUP 20% of its' remaining support?

2- did Sir Reg retort by claiming 20% was "a conservative estimate"?

3- did any North Antrim party members say they would "never be back" in Cunningham House?

4- Alex Kane.

All info gratefully received.

And the answers are....
I think we need Alex to vome up to the plate on this one.
I'll give you an answer. The Executive Committee has not met since its AGM in April.
was there a meeting at Cunningham House of executive members last Thursday?
Hi pakman,

It was the constituency officers (Chairmen and Hon Secs)who met last Thursday.

The party officers and executive were not consulted on this issue.

Best wishes,


thank you for the clarification.

Did you enjoy the evening?
I did thanks for asking. Who told you it was the Executive Committee? Jim Speers seemed to think thats what was meeting for whatever reason.
Jim Speers is an office holder!?!
Probably - is Alex Kane though?
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