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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


What was he thinking?

Television can be a terribly harsh medium and last nights' Out in the Cold was no exception. Now whatever I think of 1998 and the behaviour of the man and his minions subsequent to that years' Good Friday I actually felt rather sorry for David Trimble at the end of the video - the shopping trip with Daphne was pure Alan Bennett.

The discussion elsewhere has been illuminating and I have just one observation to add. The political failure of David Trimble was due to his lack of empathy with what made unionists unionists. His "theoretical unionism" did not understand how prisoner releases and, particularly, the demise of the Royal Ulster Constabulary would affect his project. No matter if in 20 years the GFA confounds this blogger and creates the bed rock of a prosperous, peaceful and British NI David Trimble, Lord of whatever, will always be the man who failed to save the RUC.

This is a sore issue for me, as I concider the RUC one of the finest police forces the world has ever seen. ( c.i.p. Jimmy Nesbitt - not the handle bar tash one mind, he's naughty...) . the shame and contempt i feel when i here English politicans ruminating about this 'progress' (particulary with their own choke the blacks system) is too much.
I actually met Trimble on a sight seeing tour of Westminster, he was abrupt, rude and (as they say) 'prikly' and nearly walked over me (literally) as I tried to say hello..... It was my first ever taste of big house Unionism and I think I understand the disenfranchisment of our cannon fodder of a people a little better for it.
Yes, he can be famously "purple" but to be fair there were moments, especially outside NI, when a much more personable David Trimble was allowed out to play. I first met him late in 1993 accidently in the Temple - he was lost, looking for Dickie Fergusons' chambers at One Crown Office Row, and I pointed him in the right direction. He struck me then as a typical Ulster academic finding his feet with the London "in set" and without any hint of what was to follow. Even after that in London and DC there were flashes of someone who you would happily invite to your table. 1998 changed all that (at least for those that took an opposing view).
He failed to save the RUC. So what?

I think there is still a police force here. They appear to have caught a serial rapist and murderer and made a successful prosecution.

Don't you live in this country?sqtc

for the unionist electorate (ie the people who Trimble required to support him) feel that the RUC were disgracefully treated after having held the line against terrorism. The "Our Murdered Colleagues" poster explains the emotional regard the force was held in better than I ever could.

As for the PSNI, one conviction does not crack a crime wave. Have you read any of the Chief Constables' reports on crime levels here, especially in the Belfast metro area? Oh, and by the way they discriminate in their recruitment.

If you had bothered to read my profile you would realise that I know more about the legal system and the police in "this country" than most.
Yes, I accept that they discriminate in the way that was originally envsaged by James Craig, erm, the first PM of Northern Ireland.

It would appear to be the law, something that you might be expected to know something about? ;)
i also wasnt complaining about the current police force (thats another issue) . What i say is the manner in which the ruc was disbanded was contemnatory and in disgrace, (it was presented otherwise at the time of the GFA, but you know what they say about the English ....... ;>) , given those who presisded in judgement (remember 1000 black men being booked for petty offenses have died in unusual and battered conditions since the windrush, with only 2 convictions for 'unlawful killing*'in the english police) *what is that really ?* and given the heroic and selfless nature of the vast majority of RUC men, the root of their (genuine) indiscreations - compare those indiscrations to those of our second biggest party and consider again their cause and not their symptom and what is the correct judgment. Why are the RUC in disgrace while the IRA are enfranchised , I ask people who were alive in the testing times , is that just ? Im saying the RUC were hereos and those who sold out our hero's are responsible for a great wickedness against the highest of men.
Do you seriously think that a force which used the nomenclature of only one half of the community in it's title (Ășlster') could ever be acceptable to the community as a whole? How would you have felt if you had been 'served' by a force calling itself the 'six county' or 'northern' constabulary?
I am a unionist and I don't really "get" the aattachment to the name the "RUC". I can certainly understand the hurt but to me it did not weaken the union any, and one can see the desirability of a rebranding for nationalists.

I think you have to be careful about generalising about the unionist community: we are a diverse people and that is in part our strength. The main criticism I would have of Trimble was his "solo run" in 2003. Too trusting of Adams.

whatever your attatchment to the force its' demise symbolised a political failure which in turn led to the electoral eclipse of the UUP. I suspect that Trimble shared your expressed view - the bulk of voting unionists didn't.
No chance of answering my question I suppose...

I find conversation flows better when all parties identify themselves. That said the question you raise misses the point entirely. Nationalist opponents of the RUC did not demand its' demise because of the name but because it was an arm of the state which they wished to destroy which is why Sinn Fein still do not endorse the police even though it is now the PSNI. I support the police (regardless of name) because every society has to have those who stand between it and the law breakers.

By the way, the Northern Constabulary serves the remoter parts of mainland Scotland.
"Nationalist opponents of the RUC did not demand its' demise because of the name but because it was an arm of the state which they wished to destroy which is why Sinn Fein still do not endorse the police even though it is now the PSNI."

But the SDLP do.

Were they objecting to the title 'Royal Ulster Constabulary' because it represented "an arm of the state which they wished to destroy"? Don't think so. They objected to the title for an entirely sensible and straightforward reason - it exclusively preferred the nomenclature of one side of the community over the other. Surely you can see how the title was hopefully one-sided in it's construction?

Again - how would you have felt if it were called the 'six county constabulary'?
Oops - should have read 'hopelessly one-sided in it's construction'.

if the perceived problems were "Royal" and "Ulster" why did Nationalists demand a fundamental investigation into policing? The truth is that policing as an arm of the state which both the SDLP and Sinn Fein wish to destroy had to change in such a way that it could not stand in the way of that objective. Sinn Fein are one side of a criminal conspiracy that has no interest in effective policing while the stoops moved to infiltrate one of the most powerful organisations in NI.

As for my views on a Royal Six Counties Police Service I said above that the police deserve support from everyone in the society that the service protects - regardless of name. That is why the hurt inflicted on unionists by dishonouring the RUC by taking the title away was so gratuitous.
"...if the perceived problems were "Royal" and "Ulster" why did Nationalists demand a fundamental investigation into policing?"

In a word - collusion.

"....the stoops moved to infiltrate one of the most powerful organisations in NI."


so it wasn't just the name then.
"No chance of answering my question I suppose..."

there are people out there who object.
are their objection always legitimate ?
I obgect to legal abortion.
some people objected to Jews, should we scrap the star of David?


(this caps is bust *whistles*, im not shouting)
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