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Monday, April 24, 2006


Vatican To Save Ulster for the Union?

I wonder what Tim Pat "Count the Catholics" Coogan thinks about this?

tims crazy comments are a mark of the sort of political exploitation our Catholic neighbours (just like ourselves) still face. these people are not cattle and i refuse to beleive can be sublject to anything so degrading as being reared as breeding stock.
(and lets face it, im a prod and im gonna single handedly produce an Orange lodges worth as soon as i find a girl stupid enough to marry me *books flight to texas*) abusing derogitory ethnic sterotypes as an outlet for triumphalist fantasy is degrading to , well, to human decency.
the politics of Northern Ireland , and the people who suffer for it, is little more than high titilation entertainment to some people.

The vatican, and all other non objective sex education bodies in the third world, have blood on their hands. the opinions exspressed by people in the effected regions are odd to say the least, and one must wonder, where the ideas came from ? we are creatures of experience more than intuition, after all.

"I am a man sir, I practice skin on skin, this is what i Beleive"
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