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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Real World Intrudes

There will be slow blogging over the next week or so as the evil world of work calls. Just so you don't feel too sorry for me I would recommend this from the Sunday Telegraph. It's nice to know that someone with the moniker "Moneybags" thinks I deserve a pay cut. Perhaps the more senior members of the Bar should spend more time ensuring that the Legal Services Commission pays counsel what they are owed rather than indulging in obnoxious attempts at self justification at the end of extremely lucrative careers.

Theres an election coming up you know.....served you well in the past....I'm sure North Antrim UUP would select you.....

we still love you Peter!
As you can see from my jpeg I'm blushing!

come back!!! all is forgiven!!!!
I thought North Antrim UUP already had a barrister lined up for the Westminster fight...

Maybe I do fancy going back to "Sweet Home Ballymena" - but it can never be as the UUP candidate.

Thank you, as ever, for the kind words. You may have forgiven me but has the electorate forgiven the UUP?
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