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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Lordy, lordy, lordy ...

Welcome one and all, or as we say in Ulster-Scotts "fair fa' ye" . Having enjoyed the excellent Slugger O'Toole and ATW I have decided to follow in the steps of Fealty and Vance with "We perish if we yield". This will be an unashamedly unionist view of and from Northern Ireland to provoke debate and discussion. Enjoy.

For starters, Lord Ballyedmond has always struck me a an unusual addition to the Ulster Unionist benches at Westminster. After all what can one offer David Trimble and Bertie Ahern (never mind this good friend of Ulster)? I wonder if recent events which threaten to soil legacy of the current PM will have a Northern Ireland post script?

I'm wondering; a blog that starts on the 1st of April?
Anyway it's good to know "the futures bright" :-)
Keep it going - and don't let the b**tards wear you down!

Best Wishes,


thanks for the kind words - and post on ATW!
What about Lord Pakman? ;o)

now that's an idea! Although I suspect there is more chance of Baron Vance than of me ever slipping on the ermine.

your photo looks much more like me than you!
The original hangs on my landing and reduced Arlenes' daughter to tears the first time she saw it (my Trevor Brown, not your hair)!
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