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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Long to Reign Over Us

Apart from a case of the head staggers in November 1985 there is very little of what Baroness Thatcher has to say with which I could disagree. This birthday tribute to HM is no exception.

Given the ghastly collection of career politicos who make up the current political class in the UK it is perhaps unsurprising that the saving grace of our system is the monarch. As Australia discovered, when faced with an exemplary sovereign no "Mate for Head of State" campaign will prosper.

So, join with this happy monarchist, Margaret Thatcher et al and send birthday wishes to our Queen.

Happy Birthday Ma'am.

....and many more to come Ma'am :o)
How's your barnet?
just like your painting! I tell you it's like looking in a mirror :0)
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