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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Infant Malady Knocks Blog for Six!

Pakman junior (Ms Pakman?) brough home the usual from nursery last week - finger painting, new actions to "The Wheels on the Bus" and tonsillitis. Needless to say being thirty five renders one particularly susceptable to childhood illnesses and as a result I have been in a drug induced semi coma since Friday night as my pathetically low pain threshold called in pharmaceutical back up. I'm back now and ready to go.

I suppose this is going to be the talking piece of the next twenty four hours. I'll post tomorrow when I have had a chance to watch the video but in the meantime what about some gentle diversion I call Lord Trimble of ....

Castle Buildings
Chateau Neuf

Over to you!

Lord Trimble of the Waterfront Hall?
Hope you feel better Pakman.
Peter, his name is Peter.

and you are?
Lord Trimble of Cunningham House - it'll soon be the only memory that the UUP will have of it soon once all the money problems are out in the open and they finally have to sell it off.

I didn'r realise that the baby barrister had had a baby. Belated congrats! Just think what she is doing to build up your imune system!

Way way OT but a few mornings ago on a particularly bad hair day I caught my ref;ection in a mirror, in an unguarded moment and it was your ruddy picture thing stareing back at me. That was probably why Ms Foster cried :0(
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