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Sunday, April 02, 2006


The future's bright!

Thanks to Fair_Deal for the heads up. As a constant reminder of Unionist success I have pasted a countdown to 2016 on this site's side bar. Let each second that passes remind us of the continuing failure of the republican project.

continuing failure??.. it is measured in what it delivers not what it fails to deliver.
Coco the clown is blogging now?
great so there were heroes on both sides of the border, for different reasons.
Come sit ye down and sup with your irish brothers and sisters and we'll make this one land united and strong.
p.s I've always loved the colour orange. Hope you enjoy your blog.
Saw it before...still looks good.
Great Quote and hilarious link.

Good luck with the site

Good Luck Pakman.
You should change the commenting system however so that it doesn't allow anonymous comments, otherwise you'll get all the usual crap coming through.It's easy enough to do, go back to your original template and tick the relevant option.
I have no doubt in 2016 you'll all still be British. The problem of course is that your beloved country may not be.........
Glad to see from your 'interests' that you at least appear to recognise that 'Ulster' and 'Northern Ireland' aren't synonymous.
Good luck Pakman!

the red, white and blue template made it look like a kerbside.


thank you. Too kind as always.

anon (Reg?)

the reference was to rugby (and to attract as many hits from ignorant Americans as possible)


nice of you to drop by.
Nice work on the clock!! And thanks for the link, I'll make sure and link you up soon.

It's always good to see another Unionist blog, even if we're likely to disagree on a lot: variety being the spice of life, of course.

The only thing I'd say is your sidebar looks a little rare down at the bottom of the page - is this a temporary glitch?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Good afternoon,

I dont know if you have set foot in my fair principality, Joblog, but u will be made welocme therein.

I have had bestowed on me the epithets: anti-catholic, proddy bitch, tramp, provo and bigoted nationalist. I believe that Im doing something right. :)

Joblog supports democratic self-government for NI and the GFA.

I appreciate that we may disagree on some things, but always pleased to see new faces.

thanks for dropping by.

"democratic self-government for NI and the GFA"

I detect some internal tensions in that statement.
"continuing failure of the republican project."

Militarily or electorally ?

I think you will find that while republicans settled in for a long war they will also settle in for a long peace.
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