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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


DAAD - Direct Action Against Donaldson?

We've been here before; shotguns (forensically important), franchised killings and mendacious denial.

Republicans murdered Donaldson. All that remains to be determined is which variety and with what authority.

How about this hypothesis. We know that the short term plan to have an Assembly without an executive is deeply unpopular with Sinn Fein. Posters on other blogs have asked why would the republican movement sanction a killing which would derail their beloved process. Perhaps the answer is this - the Donaldson murder was a tactical move to derail this stage of the process. It also sends the "we haven't gone away so don't even think about messing with us" message to the the government.

I heard the bumptious Jim McDowell boast on the BBC that his paper would know the identity of the killers by the week-end - I trust the public interest will be sufficient for that knowledge to be shared wit the rest of us.

Hello Pacman , super to see a new Ulster blog on the web, (the naughtier you are the more they'll comment.....)

How about this for Dennis 'the door nail'Donaldson : Dennis seriously broke the Republican code of conduct, and under any normal day would have been dispatched in the most grizzly manner possible, however given the current unique political initatives existing between new Labour and sinn fein, not least the partial legitimisation of the IRA, this is not any normal day, however to say that Gerry has won over the entire movement (or indeed the army staff) to this (compromised and hypocritical) method of advancement is untrue, Gerry must contend with the hawks of his own ruling body, people who in their own twisted way will have a sense of protocol and conduct, who (would have) been apoplectic at Donaldson's continued existence. Now, Gerry's brainier than some of the PIRA staff, and realises the incredible advantages of the openly partisan British government, is it not feasible that Donaldson's murder was conducted by 'dissidents' on the fringes of the popular organisation to placate the IRA hawks and South Armagh glory boys whilst leaving just enough smoke and daggers between the direct command and the Sinn Fein nucleus to fudge involvement ?
What cant be denied is that Donaldson was an IRA man who informed on the IRA, a crime for which the IRA in every other instance has killed the renegade IRA man without apology and insisted as only the IRA can that they had the full moral authority to do so, today though an IRA in a unique political position and with a disporia in its most militant adherents has condemned the killing of an IRA man who informed on the IRA, with the dead (sorry) certainty and gusto that only (a bare faced liar) the IRA can muster. the fact that this has made life easier among the grass roots electorate (think twinbrook)for Sinn Fein is beyond doubt.
juan pablo jr.

could the senario be :

Gerry/ Martin (rhetorically)"Who will rid me of this troublesome tout?"

Man with shotgun and map of Donegal exits stage left in silence but with a knowing smile.
welll, a nods as good as a wink , kind of thing, the fact that Dennis was still alvie after his outin' for-a toutin' would really have been anathema to a far from normalised Repulican community, (notice the change in tact on Balrog for the "this filthy little shit" article when Dennis was outed to the "this really must be condemned " attitude of today. Gerry Adams must walk the line between Republican sympathies and instincts and his own pragmatism. Given the complex web of realations between Republican factions (remember some of these guys will be cousins etc.) it seems clear to me that Republican morality has been satisfied whilst Gerry and co can go on with the show, that Tony Blair (and the more respectable) Bertie Ahern can pretend that all these organisations are exclusive of one and other, and that all these groups operating out of the same bases for the same cause on behalf of the same community / national body is disengeniousin in the extreme, and as a young Loyalist is another nail in the coffin of my faith in conventional politics and justice systems.
Great minds think alike!.
I commented yesterday to my mate that it was a bit odd Tony could deliver a verdict before even the guards. if I were a citizen of the Republic this would anger me, as a human being it angers me that Tony Blair can take a group like the IRA at its word and present this to the world as ambiguous. humiliating is the word that springs to mind.
jaun Pablo

the timings of all this make it all the murkier:Blairs response, Adams call to the family and the time of death.
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