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Monday, April 03, 2006


A Blast From the Past.

I see that ten years since its' creation the Forum has finally appeared as a foot note in the history of the peace process. I have many fond memories of the Interpoint Centre; highlights include
"The RUC will remain a unitary force, with any delegation of authority and responsibility continuing to be a matter for the Chief Constable. There will be no two-tier police service, and there will be no special arrangements to facilitate the recruitment of former paramilitaries."

"there will be no reduction in the RUC's strength so long as the threat from terrorist groups continues."

"there is absolutely no question of allowing parties or persons who represent paramilitary-related groups to join the heart of the Administration without having clearly established a commitment to democratic and peaceful means through decommissioning and other measures"

All the above from David Trimble on 17th April 1998.
Or what about this from the voice of "progressive" unionism
"In the story that the Member recounted a moment ago he touched upon homosexuality, which society now appears to think should be tolerated. We have seen recent examples of this in an advertisement by the Yorkshire police and in a cathedral service. Is it not a fact that paedophiles very often target children of their own sex? Are we not, by turning a blind eye to one perversion, perhaps encouraging or condoning another?"

Ken Maginnis on 22nd November 1996.
But my favourite (from the very first day!) has to be
"You have the light behind you — a great policeman's trick when interrogating a suspect"

From the only gentleman amongst the entire shower, Sir John Gorman.

Is this what the shadow assembly holds for the body politic?

not quoting yourself anywhere?
What, blog as vanity publishing? I don't think so!
why not? david vance does it
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