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Monday, April 24, 2006



. In Australia and throughout the world Australians will comemorate their veterans. Aussies have cultivated a relaxed "devil may care" persona but when it comes to the feats of the "Diggers" they are universally respectful. In 2001 I was lucky enough to spend some time travelling in Queensland and in every one street, one pub town we passed through there was always an immaculate war memorial. Australia remembers with gratitude as should we. At every possible occasion the UK should remind herself of the immense sacrifices Australia and the rest of the Commonwealth made for our freedom - especially at Heathrow where descendants of those who volunteered for Britain queue for entry whilst the EU citizens of Germany and Italy pass through unmolested.

"there was always an immaculate war memorial."

a very salient point pacman, in England some war memorials even stand vandalised. ( The one at London Euston has been sold off for a pub). This is the "butterfly metomorphises" (pressumably) many English academics now applaud.
Also, I am friends with a number of Aussie and Kiwi (almost all of whom have made the pilgrimage to Turkey, whereas i've , and no one i know that i can think of, have seen the Somme) Ex - pats living in England and I have to say the favouritism showen to our *e.u. partners* (germany, Italy etc.) is troubling. the heart break that these poor guys go through to get a bank account and an applicable (work) visa would anger anyone who values the sacrifice of their ancestors, when you see the complete lack of National "romantic" solidarity, i cannot help but wonder if Austrailian Republican tendencies are not being (very) intentionally exacerbated. Most of these poor people are at heart good (constitutional) monarchists. But when they come here and see the White trash "wheres our country then?" freak fest, can we wonder that they are losing their enthusiasm ?
Keating certainly used everything from the fall of Singapore to EU accession to justify his push for a republic.

Having spent a hazy weekend at Edgbaston last summer I can attest that despite what they may find here Aussies in the UK remain in high spirits - until they loose!
As well as keating, I feel elements in the (nouve ?) ruling classes in England may have a political / ideological loyalty that transends commonwealth affection and solidarity, i know its dramatic, but i really feel we are abondoning those who gave their all for our freedom, in sharp contrast to the duty to honour the patriot dead that exists in more dynamic societies.
speaking of comenerative events (sort of)
worth a wee look if you havent seen it already :
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